Chris Godber

Web / WebXR / Game Developer Portfolio

A B.Sc. (Hons) Graduate in Applied Computing, I am creative, self-motivated and enthusiastic with a particular interest and work experience in technology, software development, art and design. Originally based in the UK, I moved to Moscow Russia in 2019. I currently work as a frontend engineer for both cybersecurity startup Deslyon and games company Stikipixels. My main interests within development are javascript, three.js, games / immersive media development as well as developing AR applications. I also write regularly for coding online magazine iCode


Selected Projects

Ghertist 3D Chatroom

A virtual chatroom app created as an experiment in using Networked A-Frame, A-Frame, and Express

Lockdown virtual art exhibition

A virtual art exhibition made with PlayCanvas and javascript

Reziliant Covid React Application

Commercial application for performing covid risk assessments. Made with React, Redux and Express / Node

Kultura React Application

Commercial application for popular art MMO Occupy White Walls. Made with React