The Long Winded INTP Video Series!


I’ve been fascinated with exploring the concept of INTP (Introverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving Dominant Functions) in Myers Briggs typology since I discovered it was my type when I was in college.

I tend to take it with a pinch of salt and as a framework of personality ‘bias’ as it were or tendencies but I certainly do identify with the INTP personality type.

In the video series below I explore my own relationship to this personality description from many different perspectives -from dealing with stress, to exploring my strengths and weaknesses in a video diary format over a year or so.

The general themes inherent in INTP of tendency to abstraction, social awkwardness, strong internal thinking ability / intellect in general, interest in Science, difficulty in organising external world, interest in system building etc – all explored in the videos, which explore ALL sides both ugly and positive.

Video List

1 INTP Personality type – general quick overview
2 Intellect and the Ego – The relationship between the mind of INTP and it’s relationship to Ego / sense of self
3 Chris INTP Video – answering questions from INTP forum on Facebook
4 What the Fuck I do – Talking about my career and how I operate in work
5 INTP riffing on FE – How my weakest function expresses itself – FE (Extroverted feeling)
6 Misanthropy INTP and negative outlooks – The dark side of the INTP from personal perspective
7 Degenerate – Similar to above – the negative destructive aspect of intellect and nihilistic impulse of INTP mind
8 INTP and the struggle for meaning – late night ruminations on how I struggle for meaning in life
9 Conceptual Synthestheia – An experimental exploration of how I think internally IN images with my Ti and Ne
10 Overcoming procrastination
11 – INTP ness – wondering what other types think of me
What is an INTP?