Writing Portfolio

How to Create a Super Simple Drawing Tool with Paper.JS

How to create a drawing tool with paper.js

How to Create an Animated Three.JS Landing Page with Counter

How to create a Three.js landing page

5 Steps to Getting Started with Programming

Tips to start programming

How to Build a Simple 360 Degree Image Slider with React 360

Tutorial to create a 360 degree image slider with React

The Castle that Breathed [Short Sci-Fi Audiostory]

A short Sci-Fi audio story about one man and his castle.

Carol who deals in Boxes [Cyberpunk Audio Story]

A short Sci-Fi story about a young woman lost in a world of cybernetic dreams and nightmares.

Interview on Game Design

An interview I did on my Game Design work

Burden of Meaning: The Harsh Reality of Zarathustra

A philosophical essay on Nietzsche and the concept of the Overman

5 Books That Helped Me Learn to Code

Article on some books which helped me learning to code