Conventional Web Development

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / React JS / Wordpress / Umbraco CMS

Game and Multimedia Development

Unreal Engine game development, GameGuru Engine, Twine Interactive Fiction, eLearning / Blended Learning development


Graphic Design, Adobe Premiere Video Editing

Programming Knowledge

Experienced in a variety of tech stacks

I am experienced at HTML / CSS3 and JS, PHP as well as Frameworks like React and CMS like Wordpress and Umbraco. 

Visit my Github to see my code –

Outside the Box

Conventions are meant to be broken

I don’t really consider myself a conventional developer, I am interested in how art, computer science and design overlap, and as such have been developing my own outlandish and sometimes quite zany applications to improve both my knowledge of frameworks and languages and best practice design methodologies. 

If you want a creative touch to your work, or your app check out my portfolio and get in touch!

My workflow


Develop and Source Control 

Iterate and Improve

If you want a dose of the creative mixed with proven technical and engineering ability then get in touch with me 

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